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His acquisitions included the tubular steel division assets of Babcock & Wilcox located in three states, including 6 million square feet of manufacturing facilities, the purchase of the entire aircraft spare parts inventory from the bankruptcy estate of Eastern Air Lines, Inc., oil service equipment, raw materials and manufacturing equipment. In 1997 Robert Alpert acquired Land 'N' Sea and subsequently through internal growth and acquisitions became a national seller of marine parts and accessories before it was sold to Brunswick in 2004.He was an original founder of Republic Waste Services, Inc., which became Auto Nation and Republic Systems. He has been a principal and a founder of other diverse, publicly owned enterprises including: Aviation Sales Corporation (an aviation parts distributor and maintenance, repair and overhaul company), PalEx (which became IFCO Systems), Mainstreet Capital Partners. Robert Alpert has made numerous investments in the steel, aluminum, oil services, manufacturing and fabricating industries, and technology in addition to sponsoring a series of consolidations in fragmented industries. For other digital media doecuments on Robert Alpert, click on these links:


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